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Extended Warranty


Why should I sign up for a Extended Warranty?

When you buy a new ŠKODA the manufacturer's warranty protects you from unexpected repairs for two years. Once those two years are up, you're on your own for the cost of repairs for warranty damage - unless you think ahead and buy a Extended Warranty contract for up to three more years.

With the Extended Warranty, you're covered for warranty-related damage even beyond the manufacturer's warranty. By taking out the Extended Warranty early, you also benefit from particularly attractive conditions.

What requirements must my ŠKODA fulfill for an Extended Warranty?

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What is covered in the case of a damage?

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How to calculate the fee of a Extended Warranty?

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What happens when I sell my car?

If you have concluded a Extended Warranty, but now want to sell your ŠKODA within the term of the Extended Warranty contract, you have an ideal sales argument. The Extended Warranty is linked to your ŠKODA, not to you. For this reason, you can simply pass on the Extended Warranty to the next owner in the context of a private resale and have the contract rewritten. If the buyer does not want to take over your Extended Warranty, there is a special right of termination.